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When you have a medical malpractice lawsuit, you really have a more complicated personal injury lawsuit against a doctor or medical care provider. Therefore, what you know about negligence and liability applies to these sorts of cases as well.

If you can prove that the doctor acted negligently by making a mistake, breaching the standard of care in a way that caused you harm, then you can win monetary damages from the doctor or medical care professional.

Gathering Important Facts:

Take pictures of any injured body parts that you believe were due to medical negligence. If you have witnesses, be sure to get their names and telephone numbers. Also, if you are able to acquire your medical records in advance, that would be helpful.

However, it is important you to know that there are some elements of medical malpractice law that make such a case more drawn out and complex than a personal injury lawsuit. The standard of care depends on the area the doctor operates out of as well as the affliction he or she was treating. The doctor’s standard of care means that he or she must act as another local doctor treating the same sickness would have. This is determined by expert testimony of another doctor, assuming the case goes to trial.

It’s important not to let the complicated nature of the law dissuade you from filing suit. Remember to document whatever you can and be confident that with the help of Cedric R Brown, Attorney at Law, you can win your medical malpractice lawsuit in Portland, OR.

I look forward to speaking with you and building your case against injustice.

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